Valentine Hearts Letter Holder
3D Stained Glass Pattern

Here is a free pattern for a Valentine Hearts stained glass letter holder
for all of those Valentine's Day cards due to arrive on February 14th.

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Suggested glass choices: reds or pinks for the hearts,
opalescent whites or textured clears for the background.
For the area where the two hearts overlap use a glass that reflects
the merging of two different heart colors.

The Valentine Hearts stained glass letter holder is shown here
in Spectrum 1901W Quartz Pink Waterglass,
152W Ruby Red cathedral Waterglass,
307S Clear/White, Translucent Opalescent, and
Uroboros 00-294 pink, magenta, and royal crimson Ring Mottle.

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This pattern is available in a black & white jpg

and in Glass Eye 2000 format

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Pattern Instructions

Make only the Joined Hearts piece if you wish to make a suncatcher.

To make the letter holder:

1. Cut two of each rectangle and one of the Joined Hearts piece.
2. Wrap all glass pieces with foil. If desired, wrap one larger rectangle
with wider foil and use this as the base piece.
3. Solder the Joined Hearts section.
4. Place base rectangle on work surface. Construct as for a basic box,
placing Joined Hearts on one long side of base and plain large rectangle
on opposite long side. Place small rectangles at each end. Tack solder all pieces.
5. Solder all inside and out.
6. Clean. Patina if desired. Apply protective wax.

You are now ready for those Valentine cards and love letters!

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