Free Patterns

The Bodybuilder Stained Glass Pattern

Here is a stained glass pattern of handsome bodybuilder Stan McQuay.

I suggest that you paint the pupils black. You can also use paint or foil overlays for the nostril openings, the eyebrows, and eyes, rather than cutting small pieces.

Glass suggestions are with the pattern.

The Bodybuilder stained glass pattern is available in a black & white jpg, color jpg, and in the Glass Eye 2000 format.

Sunbather Stained Glass Pattern

Here is a stained glass pattern of a beautiful lady soaking up the summer sun.

I used a picture of a woman reclining as the basis for this pattern. The original picture showed her leaning back with her hand on the ground. Her hair was not as long as I made it.

One of the reasons I lengthened her hair, (aside from liking longer hair,) was that I was just not satisfied with the way her hand looked when I made the pattern. I did not want to make too many small pieces in order to make her hand; her hand was not the focus of this pattern, and I thought too much detail there might detract from the design. It would also be more difficult to make. So, I used her hair to cover up her hand.

I like the sense of golden summer sunshine in this piece. I hope you like it, too. If you make this piece, or any of my patterns, please send me a photo, and I will post it here and on my Flickr page.

The Sunbather stained glass pattern is available in a color jpg, a black & white jpg, and the GlassEye 2000 format.

Red Rose Stained Glass Pattern

In recognition of the favorite flower for the month of June here is a rose stained glass pattern, displayed in shades of red.

Woodland Bunny Free Stained Glass Pattern

Here is a little woodland bunny stained glass pattern to remind you that Spring really is here. I know in some parts of the country it is still rather cool, even cold.