Easy Garden Mosaics: 5- Seal the Mosaic

STEP FIVE – Seal the mosaic

Before you place your garden mosaic where it will get wet or dirty apply a waterproof grout sealer designed for exterior use to the grout. Some tesserae, such as marble and other natural stone, require sealing in addition to the grout. Check the manufacturer or distributor’s information to determine whether you need to seal the tesserae, too.  Use a tile sealer if recommended by the tile manufacturer.  Tile sealers should seal both the tile and the grout.

You may also want to apply a sealer to achieve a particular finish, such as a wet-look or glossy finish on stone or pebbles.

Most sealers should be applied outdoors; sealers can have VERY STRONG FUMES. Check the label to see whether it should remain away from people and pets while the sealer cures or dries. Some sealers may release harmful fumes while they dry.

Wait 48 hours before you place your mosaic where it will get wet or dirty.

STEP SIX – Place your mosaic in the garden and enjoy it!


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